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The website is down.

Yes, the website is down. It is being worked on even as we speak - Stark and I had a power surge/outage while we were at the con, and it messed up a few vital things. We'll try to get it back up as soon as we can.

However, even though the site itself is down, the email addresses still work, so feel free to send email to:
joe at
chris at
mike at
beartrap at
golden smile

off to the land of the rising sun~~

Joe is in Japan now. I'm sure everyone will miss him tons. I just wanted to let everyone know thought that he IS safe! Made it there without too much trouble... though from what tells me.. the people in Tokyo seem a little up-tight.

Lets hope that our beloved tall blonde comedian can help them lighten up a bit!

Best of luck to you Joe!~
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oh yes

first post! :3

so oyamaanza and I were talking about making Zoku plushies of all the zoku guys...

and we were going to make them if there was a great anough demand... comment here if you would purchase one if they were available, and what you would pay :x
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